Natalie Zemon Davis meets Jo Strømgren

Natalie Zemon Davis, Jo Strømgren and Erling Sandmo Professor of history Erling S. Sandmo, Holberg Prize laureate 2010 Natalie Zemon Daivs and choreographer Jo Strømgren. Photo: Holberg Prize/Scanpix/Marit Hommedal.

Tuesday June 8
Logen Teater, Bergen
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Historian and Holberg Prize laureate Natalie Zemon Davis discusses the relationship between art and science with choreographer Jo Strømgren.

The meeting between Strømgren and Davis was a collaboration between Holberg Prize and Bergen International Festival. The discussion was moderated by Erling Sandmo.

New look at reality
This year’s production by Strømgren for Bergen International Festival, The Experiment, contains many historical references and explores the relationship between the freedom of the individual and political systems. Ms Davis is Professor of History and Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. Her research often focuses on concrete events and the fate of ordinary individuals in history. Her last book ’Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth Century Muslim Between Worlds’ is also the basis for a play that is being written in Canada as we write.

’Science and art are tools that can give us a better understanding or a richer experience of the reality that surrounds us,' says Jan Fridthjof Bernt, Chair of the Board of the Ludvig Holberg Memorial Fund, who is delighted to embark on a collaboration with Bergen International Festival.

Per Boye Hansen, Director of Bergen International Festival, often compares art and research as the aim of both fields is to expand perspectives and stimulate reflection. He believes that the collaboration with the Holberg International Memorial Prize is very valuable.

’Professor Davis is an exciting researcher who has lots of great stories and fantastic communication skills. I look forward to hearing the dialogue between her and Jo Strømgren, who in his many productions has challenged established ideas and put important issues on the agenda,’ says Boye Hansen.