Nils Klim Prize Lecture 2012: "Blaming Europe? Attribution of Responsibility in the European Union"

EU referndum Photo Matt Peterson
Foto: Flickr/Matt Patterson

Monday 4 June, 12.15-13.00
Location: Auditorium, Ulrike Phils hus, Professor Keysers street 1, University of Bergen

Nils Klim Prize Lecture 2012 by Professor Sara Hobolt: "Blaming Europe? Attribution of Responsibility in the European Union".

“Who is to blame?” is a familiar question that emerges in response to events such as the Eurozone crisis, but the complex multi-level government structures in the European Union make it an increasingly difficult question to answer. In this lecture, Hobolt will address the question of when and why citizens blame and credit EU institutions for policy failures and successes, presenting findings from both Europe-wide surveys and experimental studies.

Introduction by Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Politics at University of Bergen.