Michael Cook på Litteraturhuset i Oslo

Litteraturhuset i Oslo
Tid: Torsdag 5. juni kl. 18.00
Sted: Litteraturhuset i Oslo, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo. Rom: Amalie Skram

Årets Holbergprisvinner Michael Cook i samtale med Jarle Simensen, historiker og professor emeritus ved Universitetet i Oslo.

"The Long-Term Geopolitics of the Middle East"

If you look at the Middle East today, you see a region of medium-sized and small countries - there is no giant country like the US, Brazil, Russia, China or India. But if you go back over the past two and a half millennia, you quite often find large empires in the Middle East. What has driven the changing geopolitical shape of the Middle East since late antiquity, and why are we currently in a phase in which there is no giant state - in contrast to several other regions of the world? This topic is also connected to Muslim discontent with the current world order and the desire of many Islamists to restore the Caliphate.

Arrangementet er i samarbeid med Center for Islamic and Middle East Studies