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Saturday 1. December 2018
Fifty years after the 1968 revolt, how important are affects in influencing the behavior of voters, activists and policy makers? Achille Mbembe, Kathleen Cleaver and George Galloway will meet in Bergen on December 1 to discuss these issues.



Francesca Refsum Jensenius

The Nils Klim Prize for 2018 was awarded to the Norwegian political scientist Francesca R. Jensenius.


Cass R. Sunstein

The Holberg Prize 2018 was awarded to the American legal scholar Cass R. Sunstein.


Heggen Upper Secondary School

First prize in the Holberg Prize School Project 2018 was awarded to Elin Haugum, Emilie Jensen og Adele Grønningsæther from Heggen VGS.

News Holberg Prize

As of June this year, Professor Cui Zhiyuan from Tsinghua University is appointed a new member of the Holberg Committee.

The following is a transcript from the acceptance speech held by Holberg Laureate Cass Sunstein, at the Award Ceremony in the University Aula, on June 6, 2018

Nils Klim Prize News

In 2011, Jørn Jacobsen was awarded the Nils Klim Prize for his research into Norwegian criminal law. In this interview from 2017 he talks about why he chose an academic career, the value of legal theory, and challenges in criminal law.

"I am interested in how laws and regulations that are meant to promote justice or equality work in practice. How quickly can we see changes in society?" says Nils Klim Laureate Francesca R. Jensenius.