The Multilingual Society and Universal Grammar

Publisert 16.12.2013

Photo: NTNU / Mentz Indregaard (Lohndal) and David Ausserhofer (Alexiadou)

The Nils Klim Dialogue 2014

Date: Monday June 2 , 16:00 - 16:45
Location: Chagall, Vaskerelven 1, 5014 Bergen, Norge

Nils Klim Prize laureate Terje Lohndal and Artemis Alexiadou, Professor at the Institute of Linguistics at the University of Stuttgart, discuss the human-specific capacity for language.

They will critically discuss the concept of Universal Grammar, which holds that there are abstract building blocks of language that all humans are born with. In particular, they will focus on how data from multilingual individuals can inform our understanding of Universal Grammar.

Nils Klim Prize 2014

Terje Lohndal

Associate Professor of English linguistics, Department of Language and Literature, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The Nils Klim Interview:

"My current intellectual project is (still) to understand the human language faculty. That is, I want to know whether there are any language-specific mechanisms at work, and what the interplay between the language faculty and general cognition is." Read more.

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