About the Holberg Prize

The Holberg Prize is named after Ludvig Holberg, who was born in Bergen in 1684 and held the Chairs of Metaphysics and Logic, Latin Rhetoric and History at the University of Copenhagen.

Ludvig Holberg played an important part in bringing the Enlightenment to the Nordic countries.

The Holberg Prize was established by the Norwegian Parliament in 2003 and is awarded annually together with the Nils Klim Prize.

Election of prize winners

Scholars holding positions at universities and other research institutions, including academies, are entitled to nominate candidates to the Holberg Prize and the Nils Klim Prize. Deadline for nomination is June 15th.

The Holberg Prize Board awards the Prize at the recommendation of the Holberg Committee. The function of the nomination is to make the Committee aware of the candidate’s work.

Nominate Candidate

Holberg Committee
  • Etan Kohlberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Kwame Anthony Appiah, New York University
  • Helga Nowotny, President European Research Council
  • Mary Jacobus, University of Cambridge og Cornell University
  • Pratap Bhanu Mehta, President, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi

Jürgen Habermas at the University of Stavanger

Democracy in Europe

Time: September 11
Location: University of Stavanger

As part of the Holberg Prize's 10th anniversary, Holberg Prize laureate 2005 Jürgen Habermas will have a lecture at the Universitet of Stavanger Thursday September 11. The lecture is titled Democracy in Europe. Read more.

Holberg Lectures 2014

During 2014 five Holberg Prize laureates will be holding guest lectures at universities all over Norway. The Holberg Lectures are organised as a part of the ten-year anniversary of the Holberg Prize, which was in 2013.

The next lectures in the series are Jürgen Habermas at the University of Stavanger September 11 and Julia Kristeva at the University of Bergen November 26. Read more.

Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour
Holberg Prize 2013 was awarded to Bruno Latour. Read more.

Ingvild Almås

Ingvild Almås
The Nils Klim Prize 2013 was awarded to Ingvild Almås. Read more.